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Red Coral (Lal Moonga)

RS 10500 - RS 30500

Red Coral (Lal Moonga)

Red Coral Gem (Lal Moonga) is a Jaivika gem found in sea. Coral rocks are built by a particular insect found in sea. Red Coral Gem (Lal Moonga) ensures material happiness, recovery from diseases given by Mars, such as fever, cough, bilious complaints, smallpox, chickenpox, head ache, loss of vitality, piles, boils, measles etc.

Ratti: 5.25, 6.25, 7.25, 8.25, 9.25, 10.25, 11.25, 12.25, 13.25, 14.25, 15.25
Price: 2000


Career, Health, Marriage-Life, Mars-Remedies, Business-Remedies, Aries-Moon-Si

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    All order well received and I am very glad with Parada items, Malas, Rudrakshas and Durga conch!
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