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Brihaspati Yantra

RS 150 - RS 1100

Brihaspati Yantra

Brihaspati Yantra for worship of Lord Jupiter is used to acquire all round prosperity, power, rank, authority, abundance, wealth, business and for strengthening a weak Jupiter in the horoscope with Pooja and Mantra. The Guru Yantra is a powerful aid in removing pain, affliction, illness and other problems encountered in one’s day-to-day life.

Size: 4x4, 7x7
Material: Gold Plated
Casing: No Casing, With Casing, With Frame


Health, Income, Marriage-Life, Education, Luck, Success, Business-Remedies,

Brihaspati Yantra Locket

This locket allays the ominous effects of Jupiter on a person who wears it and helps him have honour and dignity.The locket increases morality of the person. This helps a student succeed in life and makes him a man of firm character.

Material: Silver


Career, Income, Education, Business-Remedies, Family-Prosperity, Jupiter-Remed

Navgrah Yantra

RS 150 - RS 2100

Navgrah Yantra

(Yantra for 9 Planets) When planets are adverse, failure is seen everywhere in every endeavor. Under these circumstances, use of this yantra either at a fixed place or in a mobile condition or wearing of this yantra can be immensely beneficial.

Size: 4x4, 7x7, 12x14
Material: Gold Plated
Casing: No Casing, With Casing, With Frame


Career, Income, Luck, Success, Nine-Planets-Remedies, Aries-Moon-Sign, Taurus

Navgraha Yantra Locket

Anybody can wear Navgrah yantra locket for attaining good luck,wealth and overcoming the malefic impacts of all 9 planets. Wearing of Navgrah Yantra locket renders all round prosperity to the person.

Material: Brass


Career, Health, Income, Luck, Saturn-Remedies, Rahu-Remedies, Ketu-Remedies,

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