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Hanumaan Yantra

RS 150 - RS 1500

Hanumaan Yantra

Hanumaan Yantra increases masculine powers and removes sexual disorders, impotency and blood disorders.

Size: 4x4, 7x7, 12x14
Material: Gold Plated
Casing: No Casing, With Casing, With Frame


Health, Income, Marriage-Life, Success, Mars-Remedies, Saturn-Remedies, Mangl

Mangal Yantra

RS 150 - RS 1100

Mangal Yantra

Whenever a person goes ahead on an important task or project he has may worries. Whether the work will be successful or not, such feelings come repeatedly. Sometimes the task is unsuccessful. Mangal Yantra is useful for attaining success in such endeavors. Sometimes people work very hard but are unable to get good results or they have to face criticism. Under such circumstances this yantra can be utilized.

Size: 4x4, 7x7
Material: Gold Plated
Casing: No Casing, With Casing, With Frame


Career, Income, Marriage-Life, Success, Mars-Remedies, Business-Remedies, Ari

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