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11 Mukhi Rudraksha

This is the symbol of Indra, the lord of the gods. 11 Mukhi Rudraksha has combined powers of eleven gods stored within. 11 Mukhi Rudraksha is best kept in a safe place of worship, or with the jewellery etc. or in a safe box. 11 Mukhi Rudraksha is known to enhance wealth and prosperity. For females, grants long life to the husband & helps in getting desired progeny. Extremely useful for relationship.


Career, Income, Children, Success, Rudraksha

13 Mukhi Rudraksha

Effects are similar to that of six faced. 13 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Indra, the Lord of Gods. Wearer is able to enjoy all the earthly pleasures and comforts.13 Mukhi Rudraksha Rudraksha is rare and difficult to get and has immense power. 13 Mukhi Rudraksha helps attain Moksha(salvation) 13 Mukhi Rudraksha is often used to increase attractiveness and has hypnotic influences on those, who are smitten with charm. 13 Mukhi Rudraksha also helps attain a sound mind and body and enjoy the various luxuries of life.


Income, Marriage-Life, Love, Children, Luck, Success, Taurus-Moon-Sign, Libr

15 Mukhi Rudraksha

15 Mukhi Rudraksha represents lord Pashupatinath. 15 Mukhi Rudraksha destroys all sorts of sins. 15 Mukhi Rudraksha brings financial and spiritual success. 15 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered auspicious for pleasure, prosperity, reputation and mental peace. It should be worn by pregnant women to avoid miscarriage. 15 Mukhi Rudraksha causes smooth and painfree delivery. 15 Mukhi Rudraksha should be kept at Pooja altar. Following Mantra should be chanted regularly.


Career, Health, Income, Marriage-Life, Education, Children, Success, Rudraks

Bhoot Pret Badha Nivarak Sankalp Siddhi Yantra

Bhoot Pret Badha Nivarak Sankalp Siddhi Yantra worshipped to get rid of all types of evils and negative energy.

Size: 7x7
Material: Gold Plated
Casing: No Casing


Career, Health, Income, Marriage-Life, Children, Success, Business-Remedies,

Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha

Gauri Ganesh Rudraksh is worn to get issue comfort. Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha is popularly known as Garbh Gauri. This rudraksh strengthens the bond of love between the mother and her child.

Fitting: With Silver Cap


Health, Income, Marriage-Life, Love, Luck, Children, Career, Rudraksha

Health Pendant Kavach

Bestows Health- (Five Faced Rudraksha + Pearl, Topaz and Red Coral) Five Faced Rudraksha and all above mentioned gems which are considered auspicious for bringing improvement in ones health work together to make this health.


Success, Mars-Remedies, Moon-Remedies, Health, Children, Business-Remedies, I

Moti Rudraksh Mala

This rosary(beads) gives peace of mind and acumen for discussion. Before use, dip the rosary on any Monday in raw milk and worship it with your favourite mantra.

Variant: Big, Small


Health, Income, Children, Saturn-Remedies, Moon-Remedies, Mala

Putra Prapti Mala

This rosary is made with the seeds of fruit of Putrajeeva tree. It is believed that this rosary has the power of bestowing the wearer with a son.


Health, Marriage-Life, Children, Mala

Putra Santan Sukh Prapti Kavach

This kavach is prepared by the combination of Santan Gopal Yantra, Ganesh Rudraksh and Nine Faceted Rudraksh. Wearing of this kavach removes hurdles of having bliss of a male child.


Children, Kavach

Santan Gopal Locket

Off springs are essential for achieving success in human life. However some persons are devoid of children and try hard to have an issue. For this purpose Santan Gopal locket is miraculous. Wearing of this locket gives a desired child who is meritorious and long living.

Material: Silver


Health, Marriage-Life, Children, Family-Prosperity, Locket

Santan Gopal Yantra

RS 150 - RS 1100

Santan Gopal Yantra

Off springs are essential for achieving success in human life. However some persons are devoid of children and try hard to have an issue. For this purpose Santan Gopal Yantra is miraculous. The worship of Santan Gopal Yantra gives a desired child who is meritorious and long living. Some people establish Santan Gopal Yantra near the idol of Balkrishna and recite Santan Gopal Stotra. Some persons perform Putreshti Yagya.

Size: 4x4, 7x7
Material: Gold Plated
Casing: No Casing, With Casing, With Frame


Marriage-Life, Children, Yantra

Santan Prapti Rudraksha Kavach

Santan Prapti Rudraksha Kavach for getting children is prepared by combination of 12 Faced Rudraksh, one faced Rudraksh (Cashewnut shape) and Ganesh Rudraksh.


Health, Marriage-Life, Children, Success, Business-Remedies, Family-Prosperity

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    Manoj tiwari
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