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Aishwarya Silver Sriyantra

Especially designed for work place, industrial units, temples and place of worship at home. It is made of pure silver metal weighing around 16 gram the dimensions of which are 2.7x2.7.

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Product Info

Especially designed for work place, industrial units, temples and place of worship at home. It is made of pure silver metal weighing around 16 gram the dimensions of which are 2.7x2.7. Sriyantra is considered to be a miraculous instrument not only for the attainment of wealth, beauty & knowledge but also for overcoming Vastu faults as entire vastushastra and creation of this universe is based on it. In nutshell the greatness of Sriyantra is not an imagination of faith rather it is real and that is why the Navavaranpuja of Sriyantra is considered as the highest form of worship in Hindu pantheon. The Sriyantra is believed to be the visual representation of the Mantra OM. Indeed Dr. Hans Jenny claims to have produced an exact replica of the Sri Yantra in 1967 when the OM Mantra was sung into a “tonoscope’, a device used to visually represent sounds on a video screen. Just as to how the ancients were able to produce such a perfect visual representation of the sacred Mantra OM remains a mystery. Sri Yantra is the abode of goddess Mahalaxmi and Diwali is the best Muhurat for establishing Sriyantra at home. It is considered to be very auspicious and is the giver of all material comforts and prosperity along with lot of positive energy and spiritual progress. It is said that if a person becomes victim of adversities and finds himself unable to get any way to come out of this situation, then Sriyantra should be worshipped with devotion and sacredness. Its pooja enables the person to get rid of problems and all problems start vanishing quickly. The business prospers and financial prosperity is attained very soon. It has several other benefits as well but the important ones are the following:-? It is said that its establishment brings the bliss of Laxmi. At offices or work place, if this Sri Yantra is worshipped regularly, the business grows immensely. If it is worshipped in house, it brings conjugal bliss and happiness. If this yantra is worshipped with full devotion and shraddha on Deepawali day, it is said that the house never faces any scarcity or problem. Following Mantra should be recited for it 108 times daily on a rosary of lotus beads- “Om Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Mahalaxmyai Namah”

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    All order well received and I am very glad with Parada items, Malas, Rudrakshas and Durga conch!
    Oleksandr lyubchik
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